Praxis began his career in electronic music in 1996 , when he quickly took to spinning records, as his natural musical talent came out and soon acquired two 1200s and a Rane Mixer that same year. His earliest interests were in psychedelic trance, goa and hard acid trance.


His taste in electronic music matured as his skills developed and he soon desired a deeper, more complex sound, which he found in techno. He then embarked on a progressive voyage through the many breeds of techno. During the first years of his professional DJ career, PRAXIS played sets comprised of hard, acid techno that aimed to take their listeners on a journey through astral dimensions. Josh's techno influences broadened and he soon was spinning harder, darker and intensly driving. Although, nowadays you may find him spinning anything from hard tribal techno to funky drummy tech-house or even psychedelic tech-trance.