Myth I-S Starting his DJ career in early spring, 1998, 27 year old Gary Ackerly aka DJ/Producer Myth I-S has come a long way in a very short period of time. In just 3 years, he has risen from the absolute bottom, to playing high profile events around the New York City area, and just beginning to tour the country with Trance Domain. With a very unique style of hard-hitting dark melodic trance & techno that is unmatched by any other, Myth I-S is fast becoming a favorite among fans and promoters of electronic music everywhere. Although only at the decks for 3 years, his knowledge & passion for music go back 11 years. Growing up in Deer Park, Long Island, NY, Gary began his life long commitment to music at age 14.


He began collecting records and totally did away with string instruments, incorporating more synthesizers and drum machines into the setup. He soon learned that mixing records and producing tracks have a balance with each other . Myth I-S is born.