Drumcell founder of Droid Recordings and co-founder of Droid Behavior, drumcell is is one of techno's greatest allies in southern california. a graduate of the musician's institute and a long-time performer, he has a long history of musical and audio training. after being exposed to indoor and outdoor raves in the 90s, he grew  addicted to the sounds of acid, industrial, techno and gabber and quickly got some decks to satisfy his new vinyl fetish. after years of djing and networking with like minded individuals he has established himself in los angeles as one of the major players in the local techno movement. His musical diversity has earned him a reputation for extremely hard, dark, and uncompromising sounds as well acidic techno and razor-sharp minimalism.


associating with the members of acid circus to form droid behavior was the next logical step to raise awareness for the new la techno scene and expose local artists as well as more well-known djs and pas from around the country. After several years of promotion, parties, records and everything in between, droid has become the center for la techno and drumcell remains steadfast in his mission of putting this city on the map.