Dietrich Schoenemann making music 1987 or so-punk bands with electronics(15 yrs old) grew into all electronic projects. short term as a paino major in college. 1991/1992 with the band PhoenixEmpire Id dint show up to a meeting with EMI and left the band and the deal didnt happen. Immersed in techno scene and music-playing live gigs with Taylor Deupree as Toxic Beatbox around NYC clubs and raves. Prototype 909 was formed in summer of 1993 as a trio and we were signed to Instinct.


P909 lasted until 1996. during this time I only explored a few solo releases and a few side projects as well as Djing in the early NYC ambient parties in 1994 and 1995. I started releasing more ambient material for Instinct at this time.Too many requests came in to Dj so i began dancefloor DJing in 1995 as well(closet only before)  also opened on the killingjoke/Stabbing westward tour for a short time... P909 broke up and taylor and I formed Unit Park(plastic city). I was also a member of the Rancho Relaxo Allstars, two Rancho CDs and we had a residency in the limielight for two years. too many US Dj gigs and not enough studio time until i started hidden agenda. sublabel Remains was started as I received so much great music for different producers that i would get the 4 best tracks together and throw them on an unnamed 12" thru Integrale UK.