As for the cult of the DJ, I spend my life debunking the myth of the "famous DJ". I hate the fact that DJs are treated like rock stars. Sometimes they go out, play, go into the VIP room to show off for a bit and then get in their car and get driven home. When I play somewhere, I talk to people, I try to get on with them, and I have a good time. I always remember that I'm lucky to be doing what I do, and what I get out of it is far beyond what I can ever put in. Trips to Europe, South America, Israel and Australia are amazing perks and give me a real insight into different cultures; and I've made really good friends all over the world. I love DJing. It's my craft. I'm never satisfied with any of my sets though. I always think back to what I should have done differently. When I'm not DJing, I run labels.


More of my time seems to be spent running labels and less of my time is spent on DJing! I make a lot of music too and have had several releases over the years, both on my own and in combination with other producers. I've got a label on the go at the moment called Maximum Minimum. They're doing very well in a small way, with limited runs of 1000 copies. I've also started a label called Yolk (tough tech-house/funky techno) and Double 7 (with Ben Balafonic) to release breaks and funky house. Other such as the usual Smitten/Stay Up Forever etc acid techno releases.