Ant has been DJ'ing since 1994. It was the fact that he was already involved within London's free/warehouse party scene that he decided to start playing and as a result, was given the chance to play on various sound systems around at that time. It wasn't long before Ant had built a reputation for himself as a solid, unique and consistent techno DJ and had earned the respect of many people throughout the scene, including Chris, Julian and Aaron Liberator. For the next 2 years, he concentrated on improving and defining his style by playing for Immersion Sound System and had progressed to playing a handful of gigs in France, Germany, Czech Republic and Holland. This proved to be valuable experience. It was in 1997, just about the time when Ant was first getting involved in producing, he got his first gig in America.


Ant considered this to be an important step, playing along side John Selway and Christopher Lawrence. Ant realised in order to maintain these opportunities he would have to concentrate on writing and producing more. He had some basic studio experience, co-writing with Guy McAffer, DAVE The Drummer and D.D.R., but hadn't written anything on his own. After a short 6 month studio-tech course, he was given the job of house engineer at Kinetec Studio (where he still works today) by D.D.R. and Kinetec boss, Mark Harrington. This was the opportunity that Ant had been looking for and provided him with the knowledge and skills that he relies on today.